About Us

KayaGas is a black-owned LPG bulk and cylinder distribution company.

Apart from a broad base of black individuals, our main institutional shareholders are:
•  Cadiz
•  Makana Trust

Our business model focuses on supplying LPG safely and cost effectively to all sectors of the market.

We have a dynamic team of people with a wealth of experience in all spheres of LPG activities including:

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KayaGas was founded in 2006 by George Tatham, Arthur Shipalana and Lulamile Xate.

The main focus of the company’s early activities was to launch an LPG product which would be adopted on a large scale by communities as a viable alternative to traditional solid fuels such as wood and coal, as well as paraffin.

The company launched its 5kg KayaGas cylinder together with a range of affordable appliances in 2006 and has to date been successful in converting more than 100,000 low-income households to LPG.

Since then the company has expanded into the industrial/commercial LPG business supplying LPG in bulk and in a full range of cylinder sizes.

In January 2011 KayaGas commissioned a state-of-the-art bulk storage and cylinder filling facility in Blackheath, further cementing our position in the market.

In November 2011 the Company conducted its first importation of LPG by ship into the Port of Saldanha as a result of a protracted LPG supply shortage.