1. What are the benefits of cooking on gas?

Gas offers numerous benefits when it comes to cooking: • Instant, controllable heat • Cooking efficiency A recent study commissioned by an independent Energy Consultant has shown that cooking on gas is 30% more cost effective than cooking on electricity.

2. Am I allowed to store LPGas cylinders indoors?

Yes, a limited quantity of LPGas is permitted to be stored indoors in a kitchen. The quantity of LPGas contained in a single 5kg cylinder fall within both the national regulation and Cape Town’s by-laws. A single 5kg cylinder is permitted to be stored under the kitchen counter in a cupboard provided the following conditions can be met:

3. What are the benefits of using a 5kg cylinder?

There are several benefits of using the 5kg KayaGas cylinder:

4. How long is a 5kg cylinder expected to last?

The amount of time a cylinder will last in a hob application varies widely and depends on a number of factors such as the frequency of use and the type of food prepared. As a general rule, a 5kg cylinder is expected to last a family of 4 approximately 4-6 weeks. This equates to a cooking cost of less that R3-4 per day. This means that the two 5kg KayaGas cylinders on offer with this special will last approximately 3 months.

5. Where can I purchase a 5kg KayaGas cylinder refill?

The 5kg KayaGas cylinders can be purchased at any one of our growing number of over 200 stockists through-out Cape Town area. To obtain information as to your nearest stockists, please email info@kayagas.co.za or call (021) 555-2499. Alternatively, you can purchase KayaGas products online or at:

Gas Appliance Centre, 281 Lansdowne Rd, Claremont Tel: 087-808-7967 or-(021) 671-7304

Durbanville Gas, 17 Wellington Rd, Durbanville, Tel: (021) 976-0344 or (021) 975-5092